Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today I am thinking about the blessing of my husband.  15 years ago this week he asked me to be his bride! 

(this photo was taken at botanical gardens 2 years ago)

 He surprised me and took me to the Clemson Botanical Gardens.  He brought a picnic of my very favorite lasagna from Capris...which is now gone. :(  We walked around admiring the beautiful flowers and he found the perfect bench.  As he sat me down the thought crossed through my mind that he was about to propose, but I did not think he had talked to my daddy yet...and I thought it would be a while before Daddy was ready.  But, my heart flittered...he got down on his knee!  He asked me to be his wife and I accepted!!  

 Life has been a roller coaster from that moment on!  So many ups and downs, but I have always had this precious man by my side...through it all!  ALL, is alot of stuff, taking care of me while I was throwing up with pregnancy's, standing, literally beside as I had pacemaker surgery while pregnant with Gracie.  Another hard pregnancy, diabetes, special needs child, lots of doctor visits and specialist, 2 miscarriages, another hard pregnancy...those are the big things.

  The little things every day, like holding me when I cry, rocking Samuel for hours so he would go to sleep,  cooking a special meal with our girls, reading with Micah, many things that I cannot list.

God has given me an amazing partner on this journey of life and I am blessed beyond measure for this gift!!
I love you my TLC!!

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grannimcd said...

wow, he has come a long way -- I remember him waaayyyy back before that when he got into trouble at our house one night -- but he wasn't the only one..... there were other accomplices.....