Thursday, November 14, 2013

Samuel's 9th birthday celebration (RAOK)

Photo: Ready!
Wow!  What a wonderful day it was on our precious boy's 9th birthday!  Even though we woke up with our hearts so heavy and empty, (Micah stopped what he was doing and comforted my tears)
photo 1.JPG
 we were reminded that he is where we ALL want to be and we must honor him, especially on his special day.  After I spent some time in prayer and having some time to think of Samuel, we prepared!  Actually, we had spent most of the day before his birthday preparing...the girls and I made cards and Micah colored pictures to several people that the Lord laid on our hearts. 
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 1.JPG
 Then we mailed them so that they would receive them on his birthday. 
 Annaleigh wanted to buy us and another family a pizza,
so we left that so they would have it on Friday!

 They all wanted to bake tons cookies and spread cheer! 
 We prepared our cute cards and placed a message on the back.
    On Friday morning our sweet friends dropped by and brought me a Chicken Biscuit to get the day started right! She also brought by 9 bright balloons and cupcakes made especially for us! 


Next we loaded up the van with some treasured item and we were off!  But first we left a cookie and sprite for our mailman. 
 Next we stopped at the fire station and dropped off some cookies!

 Micah wanted to put change in various places,
Gracie wanted to buy some ones meal at Dunkin Donuts,
  DD and bought someone's meal...
the best part was the expression on the ladies' face when we told her what we were doing,
 priceless. :)
Next we had a special meeting...we took our sweet Samuel's wheelchair to our dearly beloved therapists so that another child could be blessed by it. 
 This was very difficult and almost knocked me down.  We ordered that chair when he was only 2 and received it when he was 3 years old. It went everywhere with us for almost 5 years.  It was his "magic carpet" and it was big part of our life.  Also, we gave them his eye gaze computer.  Another huge part of our lives with Samuel.  It was his voice and so much more.  It gave him an independence that nothing else could.  Also, it had been a gift from so many who loved Samuel and helped with his amazing fundraiser, so we knew it was not ours to keep.   I wanted to keep these tangible items forever because they were evidence of him and a little piece of what our home was filled with when he was here, but I know that they are needed by other precious children, so I said goodbye and pray for the precious child and family that receives them.
Some of Samuel's therapists at PTW with their cookies.
The portrait is of Samuel with his dear therapist Mrs. Joy,
who is also in heaven loving on many children.
We went to the cemetery next and brought a couple of cookies to the people that care for the resting place of Samuel and so many of my family.
We visited Samuel's spot and brought him a few things and sent his balloons and messages to heaven <3

Even though I am thankful that they can smile for the pictures,
 it truly is a difficult place to be and never gets easier. 
The colorful balloons are helpful :)
 After that we loaded up and went on our annual zoo visit!  Every year, since Samuel was 3 we took him to the zoo for his birthday.  When he was 4 I remember being so sad that I couldn't give him sweets and treats on his special day, so I thought, what would be special...going to the Zoo!  so we made it our tradition.  After Samuel went to heaven we decided that we still should go and keep up the tradition, in Samuel's honor and for our family. We were joined by my sister's, niece and nephews and Samuel's best buddy, Knox and his dear family. Knox wrote this for us today...
 It was a sweet time filled with happy memories and new ones. 



my sisters and me

 the gang
When I started checking my facebook the later and the next day, I was overwhelmed with acts of kindness!!!  Thank you dear friends! 
 Please read until the end and you will be amazed how sweet the Lord
 showed us the acts of kindness coming full circle!

Happy birthday sweet Samuel! My random act of kindness was to pay for people behind me in line at chick-fil-a this morning! Praying that today brings you much peace and joy as we share Samuel's testimony to others. Love and hugs!  Meredith

To celebrate Samuel's birthday I bought someone's lunch, ran an errand for a co-worker, paid for a fellow crafter's fabric, made some little belts for a patient and gave someone a movie night. What fun! Tonya
To celebrate Samuel's birthday I bought someone's lunch, ran an errand for a co-worker, paid for a fellow crafter's fabric, made some little belts for a patient and gave someone a movie night. What fun!
I took your challenge:). I heard about some people living in a tent in the woods and I purchased some food for them as well as for their dogs and some toilet paper, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

Surprised my class with sprinkle donuts in honor of sweet Samuel's birthday! We love and miss you, friend! #randomactofkindness #supersamuel     ~Alisa

Leaving quarters in the carts at Aldi! Happy birthday Samuel!   -Sara Beth

Remembering Super Samuel with Random Acts of Kindness!
A great way to celebrate his memory! Happy 9th Birthday!

~The Dance Family


My family was touched by your kindness in Memory of Samuel's Birthday Friday night at the BHP game. I promise to continue and spread kindness  and love in Memory of Samuel. God Bless You and Your Family!

I made treats for the team in memory of Samuel!  Beth


The Rivenbark family sent us the sweetest message and I couldn't figure out attaching the video, but the picture is priceless!!  They sang happy Birthday to Samuel and talk about how he is in heaven with Jesus.   They also look really cute in their Team Samuel t-shirts :)

For our act of kindness in memory of Samuel, we put together a special snack for the kids at DCEC. They really enjoyed celebrating his Birthday!! Natasha
                                       For our act of kindness in memory of Samuel, we put together a special snack for the kids at DCEC. They really enjoyed celebrating his Birthday!!

Kailey, my mom and I left an extra tip for or server at J Peters today:) it felt nice to see the smile on her face!!!! Shannon

Kailey, my mom and I left an extra tip for or server at J Peters today:) it felt nice to see the smile on her face!!!!

Our RAOK in Samuel's honor: the girls left vouchers for free ice cream in various locations throughout Publix.   The Hagfors family

For our random act of kindness in memory of Samuel, we are planning to leave the $ at the gate for someone's ticket -The Morrison Family

Paying it forward in Samuel's memory.  Leaving candy and dollars in Erskine's music building
                               Photo  ~The Bell Family
My random act of kindness in memory of Samuel...buying my sweet friend lunch!
Happy birthday Samuel!  Catharine

Thank you Alpha and omega preschool for showing your support for Samuel and your love to our family

Photo: Thank you Alpha and omega preschool for showing your support for Samuel and your love to our family!


Linlee is very happy to be the recipient of a random act of kindness! It just so happened to be from one of our favorite peeps! Happy birthday Super Samuel!   Casey

~Aunt Susu was the giver :)
Thinking about what u said other day about random kindness. Ran out gas this morning complete stranger picked me up never told me his name.lord works in ways we never think iam going to go buy the guy behind me lunch.ill try to blow off mr Samuels lot off today for yall  - Mark

                                              coffee for my fellow traveler  -Rona


 random act of kindness for me...balloons up for Samuels would have been his 9th              birthday.Awesome friends!   Samuel's Grammy

A load of laundry on me! -Rona

I bought my neighbors pizza and dessert tonite. I made a mama happy she didn't have to cook for the kids. I love this idea!!! She said she will pay it forward.  Renee B

It was awesome! I paid for breakfast for a momma and a van full of rambunctious kiddos. Let someone ahead of me in line at the store. Left $5 taped to the gas pump, and allowed 6 cars to merge in front of me during construction blockages on the drive to Charleston. The car behind me wasn't happy, but I wanted to do something for 9 people and it was getting late in the day- Belinda

 I found a kid sitting alone at the football game. Bought him a hot chocolate,invited him to sit with us & introduced him to my girls and their friends ( I offered that he could sit with them if he didn't want to sit with us) - he chose to hang with me. I gave him my blanket and shared that a precious little boy named Samuel was the inspiration. This 12 year old boy walked home after the game but gave me a hug before he left. It reminded me of Romans 8:28.  -Tracie

In memory of Samuel I bought lunch for a friend, bought meal gift cards to give to soldiers, and assisted an elderly couple who needed assistance getting into a store. I wore my super Samuel shirt all day and shared his story to those that asked about the shirt. Such a great way to celebrate such a wonderful life and God's love. Thanks for inspiring us all!  ~Kelly

Tim's Dad is going through chemo and his mom is taking care of him and her mom,
 who is very weak and frail, so he took his dad dark chocolate and
 mom and grandmother flowers in memory of our sweet Samuel!

Samuel's grandparents and Daddy :)

 I left money at a small restaurant and asked the cashier to let the next 5 kids buy a ball out of the machine. (They had these beautiful multi-colored balls, the kind that make kids stop and stare) Left a note explaining that it was in memory of a super kid. Love you all. What a wonderful idea. ~Elizabeth

 I was able to give a couch, recliner, vacuum cleaner, dishes, and some other items to a lady whose house burned down. We are cleaning out our house in order to sell it and I was going to sell the stuff, but decided that this was a much better thing to do and I did it in honor of Sweet Samuel!!~Lisa

Skipped the best, very closest parking space ;)

Watched my friend's kids so she could go on a date.    ~Marie

We stopped to help a stranger in need ~Patti

I always give 15 extra credit points on my final exam usually split between a notecard and the answer to a bonus question. This time I charged my student to do a random act of kindness and give the person they do this random act for a super Samuel post it. On the exam they will be asked to write 5-7 sentences about their act of kindness and the response they received. I will let you know the outcome my exams are on 12/4 and 12/6

Told my Microbiology class this morning about your random acts of kindness and all 26 of us are going to do it! xoxo  ~Shannon

In College we left money at Laundrymat   ~Mary Lou

I always leave my coupons @ the register for someone who needs them......Friday they will know Samuel's name as well

Jake and I donated furniture and picked up someone else's donated couch to give to a woman who had lost all in a fire in honor of Samuel.  This is such a sweet thing you are doing  ~Mary

photo 1.JPG  Micah helping by holding the door.

Later in the day I received a call from my dear friend who was bringing something by...

Sunni brought our family a plant that she had been rooting and taking care of for years.  When her precious baby Zach went to heaven almost 11 years ago, someone brought her this original plant.  What a treasure, I had been there when Zach was born and she had been there with us all through Samuel's life.  Even though it is very painful, we share in the blessing of our boys and the anticipation of our reunion in heaven one day!
She said it will bloom next week and I can't wait :)

I blew my neighbors leaves off his driveway and made him cookies that we delivered as a family  ~The Burch family


We went to visit a fellow special friend after she returned home from the PICU. We brought the little girl a toy & the family cookies.


~The Binnarr Family

I delivered food from the food bank to needy families, some I know, some I didn't. (It made me feel so blessed)       ~Hattie

Later that night...
My sisters and Mama went out with me for supper that evening and Melody paid for mine.  My Daddy had fun with Gracie and  Micah, Annaleigh went to a friend's house and Tim went with my brother, Joshua camping and climbing in the mountains!
Still gifts in so many ways to bless our family and share in some things that we all enjoy! 

That night I also received a text from Chrissy... she said you won't believe this, but we went to Publix to rent a movie from Redbox and this was left on the machine!  Wow...full circle!

Is this amazing or what!!!?? A stranger to us posted this and a mutual friend of ours saw it on his news feed and sent it to Tim

"Today a Chic Fila the car in front of me paid my bill and gave the lady this sticker to give to me, I was blown away by this! I don't know who the person was or who Super Samuel is but I wish him a Happy Birthday from my Family and I where... ever he is! I paid for the car behind me just to pass the spirit on! I drove away just praying for the person in that car and thinking there are still good, kind people in this world! Sure made my day better"

What a blessing for our family to hear about a stranger receiving an act of kindness in memory of Samuel!  Thank you for sharing, I know there are many that didn't share with me, but it is wonderful to have these and know that so many care and want to be a blessing in many ways!  Please share yours with me if you haven't and I will add it to the blog and scrapbook! 

        Samuel's 3rd birthday at the ZOO

 (his birthday blog post is

"Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience."  Colossians 3:12