Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am sitting here thinking about how much I have to do today, as probably most of you are!  School is about to start back and since I homeschool, I have to get the school stuff organized!  Well...I make a huge mess getting to the finishing product.  So I have been putting it off.  Today I started and have neatly organized bookshelves, but still have piles of old books and anything else that was in the bookshelves to figure out what to do with! 

But, it's hard to get anything done around here because
I just want to sit and snuggle with this fellow all day :) 

Look at that precious face!!!!

I am so thankful Samuel is having a great week!  His breathing has even gotten much clearer since his J tube placement!!  This is a huge praise, since his biggest risk is the aspiration pneumonia!!

Thankful for all the prayers!

(Friday, playing a game together)

Let's just stop and snuggle when we need to!

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Jeff said...

I admire you can homeschool. Jacob asked me to homeschool him and I told him he would have a sad education if he stayed at home with me!! ;)) So glad Samuel's tube is doing well. Blessings!