Monday, April 30, 2012

His plans

Wow! I was reading my favorite blog yesterday and I want to share it! It is exactly what we believe! Hopefully I can attach the link at the bottom. Please watch the is powerful. Tim and I believe that God is sovereign and good in all circumstances. This doesn't mean that our hearts aren't broken. It also doesn't mean that we are not terrified about the days to come. Truly, for our family the ONLY way to even think about experiencing our worst nightmare...losing our child, is to picture him in glory and how the Lord used him in his life. When I was pregnant each time I prayed that the Lord would use my children and our family for His glory. Also, that we would be a shining light to others of the Glory of God. I DO believe that Samuel's life has been a testimony. I do believe He is using Samuel to show His glory! I know God will use our boy for a long time to ”display His works”! Thank you Lord for these promises that YOU have given us. Samuel had a rough night last night, so today he has been very tired and still. My other kids are doing good. I believe in the power of prayer and they are at a new peace about Samuel's circumstances. In some ways this is a miracle, because just a few weeks ago one of my daughters would become very angry and emotional when we would discuss samuels condition, but she now is handling things much better and has prayed for God to help her brother even if that means the worst for us. I see strength in my children that I do not have, only through the Lord's work. Also, my precious husband's back is out. It its hard to see him in pain and not be able to take care of him with Samuel needing so much care. He is pressing on today,with a cheerful heart, but will you pray with me he will feel better quickly. I know many pray for our family, we are feeling the peace that only He brings. May I encourage you to take one day at a time and find His blessings in it for only He can bring us true joy.

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Melly said...

I just reread this post and watched the video link. Thank you for sharing. I love you sweet sister.