Monday, November 12, 2012

Sprinkled with love

Our precious friends ”sprinkled” us with love as we celebrated Samuels life for his birthday. Sharing my friend's blog about it. <3  Our family is truly blessed with amazing friends! Thankful that He put friends in our lives and they stuck with us, even when they knew what being our friends would mean... Constant encouragement, service, meals, support, gifts, hugs, calls, texts, support, loving us, helping clean, organize, etc.!  Our friends chose to stay our friends through the good and bad and love us through it all.  I pray I can bless others as they have blessed our family. The Lord blessed our family with sweet, precious friends and we are so thankful!


Melly said...

The party was wonderful and precious. You have very wonderful friends

Suzanne said...

It is an honor to be called your friend. You have taught me so much! Thanks for allowing me into your are precious and loved dearly.

grannimcd said...

What a wonderful idea.