Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Last week my family said goodbye to our family matriarch, my great grandmother, Mammy.  Yes, my children were incredibly blessed to know their great- great grandmother.  She had such a kind and precious heart.  She was a perfect Southern Lady.  I remember going to her house to visit often growing up. 

Mammy (on far left) and Pappy (on far right) with their children, grands and greats (on floor).

  She always had such pretty things and always a stock of lemon drops (for Pappy).

Mammy and Pappy on one Christmas day
always showing such love and care for one another.

 She taught me to play many cards games and she loved to play bridge!

Our wedding in June of 1997
I am so thankful Mammy and Pappy were there on that sweet day!
Two and a half years later, she met her first great-great-granddaughter, Gracie!
Then Annaleigh!
The joys of family pictures!

 She was very beautiful, even at 95 and never forgot her lipstick.

5 generations

5 generations of first born daughters

Annaleigh and Mammy 2006 

Samuel and Mammy in 2007
Micah and Mammy in 2008
     I love my Mammy and will treasure her memory forever in my heart. 
   At her graveside service, my grandmother asked me if Micah, my 6 year old would sing "Jesus loves me".  I told her he would love that.  I asked him if he needed my help and he answered, "I will be ok, Mommy".  He is so full of joy and delights in singing and praising God!  What a blessing he was to all of us at Mammy's service.  Gracie videoed the end of him singing because I wanted to remember it forever.  <3

Behind us down the hill is our sweet Samuel's spot".
  He is right beside a beautiful magnolia tree.  I love that he is here with our family and the character it holds.  So many stories...
I was afraid to go to another funeral, but the Lord comforted our family throughout the day.  First, with Micah singing.  Also, being near to Samuel's spot was sweet to my heart.  Many family members visited his spot while we were there and I was thankful they were able to see his stone.  When we arrived at Mammy's church after the graveside service I looked at the program and saw something else that brought tears to my eyes and was a blessing to my heart.

"In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to

The Samuel Cutliff Research Fund"


How precious it was that the family thought to remember Samuel's fund.
  He was still a part and that comforted. 
I have had several donations come in the mail and each one is so special. 

I am thankful for the beautiful memories of our lives
 and the perfect comfort the Lord sends at the time we need it.
Here is a perfect song that I heard last weekend at Steven Curtis Chapman's concert.
I'll see you in a little while, Mammy <3

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