Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Random acts of service for Samuel's 9th birthday celebration!

All are invited!!!

This week (Friday) would have been Samuel's 9th birthday! Even though Samuel is in heaven and not here with us, his life was very special and there is much to rejoice over and be thankful for.  I have always loved celebrating birthdays, especially my children and I want to celebrate my sweet boy's life and the incredible blessing he was and continues to be.  This year I thought of a different kind of present...serving and loving others by doing random acts of kindness in honor of Samuel's special day. You could pay the parking meter beside you, tape quarters to a vending machine, pay for the person behind you in the drive thru line, help someone load their groceries, return the carts to the store, send a letter to someone you love...ANYTHING...And think of Samuel!  Last year our dear friends thought of this for their son's 14th birthday and I pushed myself to reach out to another special needs family that has been homebound.  I had become withdrawn morning over Samuel and I needed a push.  I am thankful for this idea, Bebe and your support!  Samuel has taught us so much about unconditional love.

 If you do something, please snap a pic and post it or email it to me at I'd love to collect all the photos for his scrapbook.  Will you join us in blessing others this week?

adorable invite made by Bebe Dance :)

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