Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July!

It was a wonderful day yesterday! Samuel was Samuel for a day! He smiled, was able to participate in the fun and loved swimming! He fell asleep before the fireworks, but Daddy (Tim) really wanted him to enjoy them, so we had him outside with us (asleep). When Tim accidentally shot one the wrong direction it was very exciting and woke us all up!! Samuel loved the rest of the fireworks and sparklers! It was truly a blessing to celebrate together and have our boy doing so well!
Also our dear friends came to celebrate...but they not only brought their sweet selves, but they brought the food and decorations (of course only cute, matching decor :-)  !...who does that!? My 2 thoughtful, precious friends Bebe & Alisa. Their kind husbands graciously allowed Micah to jump on them, squirt them, etc. (little boys)! Their children and mine have been friends forever and they are so happy just to be together! Micah, especially loved wrestling with Joel & Caleb!  It was fun to watch him have some boy time! 
Thankful for our country and a time to celebrate! Also, thankful for such a wonderful day!

Alisa also put the best pictures on her blog from yesterday....

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Melly said...

It was so good to see Samuel his old self! It was a fun night!