Monday, July 9, 2012


First of all I am so very thankful for the good day we all had on the 4th! It was good for all of us to see Samuel well! If you haven't noticed...our life is like a rollercoaster. Up & down constantly! He is good, then he is terrible. So  Friday night about 6 pm Samuel began to throw up and.aspirated worse than ever before! I frantically tried to help him by turning him on his side. He needed oxygen and major help clearing his lungs. His o2 was very low and he was again in respiratory distress.  I was thankful Annaleigh & Micah came running to help without being asked. Annaleigh ran to get some medicine to help calm him and Micah wanted to hold the oxygen for Samuel while I suctioned for over an hour! Those 2 are amazing! Gracie was out sewing with grandma. Tim came home and we continued together to help our little boy. Once he finally calmed down he went to sleep for the night. He woke up with a fever and probably had pneumonia again. Praise the Lord for his smart vest and nebulizer treatments!
I started to write this on friday and then was so tired I fell asleep! So now I am updating (Monday). We have had a battle with the beeper all weekend!!! You see, his feeding pump gives him formula at a slow rate about 20 hours each day & night. Well, his j tube (through his intestine) has a kink in it... So the pump can't pump and sounds an alarm, all day and all night (off and on). I can reposition Samuel and try and work it out with warm water in a syringe, but the beeping always comes back!  He is having a procedure right now to try and fix it.
He has been so happy this morning even though he has refluxed and thrown up. He took a good nap too. I am always feeling better about things when he is happy.

Thankful today for his happy heart and peaceful rest.

Proverbs 15:15
”A miserable heart means a miserable life;a cheerful heart fills the day with a song.”


Mama said...

Samuel is such a trooper and so are you and Tim.
His strength is perfected in will be strongnasnan ox soon.

Alisa said...

It's just Monday sweet friend! I had no idea that was how Friday went when I saw you on Saturday....that is because you handle life with indescribable GRACE! Hope the procedure went well! Love you!

Mary Elisabeth said...

I told you I was losing it! Haha, thanks for keeping me straight:-) love you!

Melly said...

Glad the procedure went well and things are flowing smoothly for now. I love you and that sweet boy!