Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wits end

Yesterday I woke up to a cheery little boy with lots of energy!  Micah , my little double dose of personality + steroid==more talking, jumping and fun than is allowed!!! I took the opportunity of early and quiet to play cars, marbles and talk.  We also read some of his insect books that we have been going through for school.  It was such a sweet time of enjoying the gift of my little boy and watching his creativity. Also, the sun was rising in the window and the Lord filled me with peace and contentment.

A few minutes later the girls woke up and came in the schoolroom and we all snuggled and enjoyed the peace of the morning.  Our school day was very full and packed, but we enjoyed our time learning...mostly.  Micah even made fun little pizzas for school / lunch!

(it's the little things)
After school and a little cleaning I needed to run a couple of errands, so I left with Micah while the girls were home getting ready for the Cav. football game.  I was driving happily with Micah and the next thing I know a truck was coming straight for me!!! He hit us! 
I went into shock while Micah was screaming in the back.
Our van front was completely smashed and not drivable, but Micah and I were ok.  Just very shaken.
  Why Lord?
... we ask during trials? 
  I think to myself...I'm living for You, in the Word, and trying to keep moving forward.
 Then why something else...right now?!
His Spirit whispers to me to remember that He works all things together for good and I must trust Him, even when I feel like I can't handle any more.
After rushing Micah to the kids care for his arm Monday, finalizing plans of Samuel's stone :'(, meeting with the cemetery on Wednesday, thinking constantly about Samuel's "angelversary", hearing the heart retching news recently about Tim's dad having cancer, my grandmother's sister and Tim's grandfather's sister passing away this week and feeling burdened about friends who are learning about a difficult diagnosis for their daughter.
It feels like too much.
Tim came quickly and handled everything while Micah and I sat in the fireman's truck.
 I was literally in shock and could only sit. I'm very thankful for the policeman's kindness. Tim had warned him that we had lost Samuel last year and I couldn't find the insurance card because I must have forgotten in the grief to put it in the van.  When he came to give me my ticket, he was kind and said he would do everything he could to help us and come to court on September 10th...
September 10th???!!! Of all days??! 
Tim quickly asked if he could change the date and he graciously did.
Of all days, why that day?
I had to go home and lie down for a little while.
After a while we all went to watch Gracie at the game do her flag routine. What a sweet blessing it is to have friends waiting to give me a hug and check on me.  We talked and watched the game and it was a nice change in the evening.  Then the flag team performed.  It was beautiful!  The girls all have worked hard and I am so proud of their team. 

After the fun at the game, my sister Melody asked us to come and cheer her on at the Midnight Flight.  She has been working hard for months running and getting in shape and looking so beautiful!  I am proud of her and was happy to be there.
As we were driving in I saw a beautiful sight!
Floating lanterns with prayers written on them were sent up in honor of a
lady who is battling cancer and usually ran the midnight flight. They were gorgeous.
Praying now for another sweet soul, Wendie.

 She did it!

 sweet cheerleaders!
YAY, Audrey and Rebecca! Gracie was cheering her friends on, too!

my silly Daddy photobombing this picture ;)
What a special night it was. I know the Lord gives grace and I am thankful!
 My sweet friend sent me this today...
Good morning friend.  "The sun comes's a new day dawning" and I'm thinking of u and praying for you as September comes and memories are heavy. Sorry about yesterday. I read psalm 107 this morning. God wants us to see His wonders in the deep. He knew we would be at our "wits end" often....I guess that's where He likes to keep us so we're always trusting Him.
 Thankful to "do life" with you. -Alisa
I'm thankful that the Lord constantly encouraging me.
  Some days feel too difficult, but He gives grace and reminds us to give it all to Him.
I'm praying today that we will continue in the faith, see His blessings in each moment
 and trust Him through it all.


Melly said...

So thankful you were there to cheer me on, even though you had had such a stressful day you still had a smile waiting for me at the finish line. I love you. Praying that things with the car work out honey!

Alisa Lamb said...

P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S..... that's what you are. Love you, friend!