Friday, November 1, 2013

MelLotti: A 40 pound year, my weight loss journey

My precious sister shares her heart from the past year.   I am so proud of her and asked her if I could also post her blog.  I know this will touch many hearts!  love you Melly!!!

 Since last October (2012) the Lord has taken me through a journey, one I would never ask for or wish on anyone, but it is one where I was not alone, and one that I think needs to be told. This journey doesn't start in October, but September 10th, 2012, when I got the hardest news I could ever imagine: that my sweet Samuel, my boy who I helped take care of and loved like my own son; my sweetness who had a claim over my heart like none other; who held my hand just the day before as I read and sang to him in his bed--My Samuel had gone to Glory.
Cooking class! 
Most people don't know how special a bond I shared with Samuel. I was his personal caretaker (along with my mama) and every weekday one of us would go over to my sister Mary Elisabeth's house and help take care of him.

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MelLotti: A 40 pound year, my weight loss journey:


Diet Pills said...

I started this program 3 weeks ago and the pounds are flying off. Dr Charles is amazing!! For the first time in my life I've stuck to a meal and exercise plan with no problem. Of course it was rough at first, and still can be when my family eats junk food but, the cravings for sweets are fading! :) so happy.@Christina

Kallis said...

Very inspirational journey allocation you have discussed here. From several days I was disappointed by thinking that how to get success on my weight loss. I'm now again inspired and want to start my journey with a new speed. Thanks :)