Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friends and flowers

I am daily overwhelmed with the gifts of encouragement, love and friendship the Lord has blessed us with. Several sweet friends have brought us beautiful flowers to enjoy.  Never have we had so many beautiful flowers (from gardens) everywhere to enjoy! Then,Tim brought me 15 roses for our anniversary! They are beautiful! <3
We also have had other sweet and yummy gifts that we are enjoying! Thank you so much for blessing our hearts!
Samuel does have a fever again and has been puny today. His lungs sound clear, so I am not sure what is going on. Please pray for him to be comforted and not be in pain.
  Tim took the other 3 kids camping last night, so Samuel and I had a sleepover with my dear friend Alisa!  She was gracious to offer to come over since she knows Samuel is up alot at night and I am diabetic so she is concerned about me home alone, too. She told me she prayed Samuel would sleep better last night and he did have the best night he has had in over a week!!!  Anyway, We never get to do this so we were very excited! We watched movies and laughed, alot! It is such a gift to have such wonderful friends, who love us and support us through so much! Alisa and her hubby, Andy have been our friends for over 16 years.. And have been there for everything! The babies, my pacemaker surgeries, fishing, camping, crafting, birthdays, swimming lessons, etc..... She knows me well and loves me just the way I am and encourages me through it all. I dubbed her ”my big sister” a long time ago!   Her hubby, Andy comes over often and gives Tim a hand outside with the projects they start.. A true friend! Her girls and mine have been close friends since before birth! They are dear to our family! I am thankful for these friends and many others who love our family and are by us through it all.  Thank you Lord, for the gift of friendship and encouragement!
  We have such overwhelming love and support in our family, church and community! And today Samuel and I are enjoying holding hands and relishing the peace, flowers and happy memories that we have made with so many today, yesterday and over the years.


Alisa said...

Oh know you're too sweet.....and waaaaaaay more mature than me, even though your YOUNGER! I enjoyed making more sweet memories with you at our slumber add to our collection! Love you! And Samuel! Thanks for having me!

Melly said...

Don't forget you and Alisa were cheer coaches together ;) So glad ya'll had a good time!