Saturday, June 23, 2012

Girlfriend Samuel

There is a girl who I love to see, she is my sweetie and forever will be.
She cannot tell me sweet things or write me notes. She cannot give me hugs or help me play with toys. All I need from her is a smile, it brightens my day, every time! Her name is Lydia and I like to call her my girlfriend. Even though she has been in the hospital for a few weeks she always smiles. Please pray for my friend to continue to feel better and for her shunt to be free of infection so she can go home soon ...and come swimming with me! :-)  
Lydia and I have been friends since we were really little and had therapy group together. We love to hang out together at special olympics each year. We also love to party together at family connections events! We even went to school together before I started getting too sick.  She is one of my best friends! We also love to try and hold hands. Every time we are together we reach toward each other and hold hands <3
I am thankful for my friend, Lydia. Her smiles and hand holding makes me so happy!:-)

Get better soon Lydia! We love you!


Alisa said...

So sweet, MEC. Love it.

Anonymous said...

They are precious! I don't see Lydia much, but she is always smiling and it makes my day. - Jaime R.

Melly said...

I know Samuel perks up every time he sees Lydia. What a sweet friend! I am so glad she's out of the hospital now!