Thursday, May 24, 2012

End of preschool:-(

Today was my baby's last day of pre-school.  He had his party today and end of year program. It was adorable...of course. :-)   Micah is FULL of joy and energy! After the trials in life I am thankful for the joy the Lord has given our family in Micah.

Samuel had a good day today! He had been very happy! He had a visit from his best friend, Knox today. When Knox came in Samuels face brightened up! They played on the trampoline and Knox read Samuel a book and then they played wii. It was so much fun for Samuel! We then decided he had done so well that we would take him to Micah's program. I knew it would not be too long. This was his first outing since Sunday!  He did well, but after an hour he did start to get nauseated so we came on home. I am thankful we were able to enjoy the program and Samuel got out of the house for a little while.

I do miss my girls, but I am SO happy for them! I know they are having a wonderful time at camp!

As I think of these sweet boys today I am reminded of this verse:

Romans 12:10 NASB
”Be  devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor”

I am thinking about how Micah and Knox love Samuel and do not expect anything in return.  Now that is true friendship, devotion and honor. They are patient, kind and giving even when all he can give them in return is a smile. I am constantly amazed how God uses the simplest of things to teach me. 

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Melly said...

What a fun day!! I was so proud of Micah last night, and it made my heart glad when Knox asked if he could stay longer. What a precious friend. Samuel was so happy while he was there! Love all three of those boys!