Saturday, May 19, 2012

Extreme home make over! (written Monday morning)

  Tim left CNH Thursday night so he could be home Friday morning for a special project. So my amazing daughters helped me clean, wash the sheets and towels, etc. in the cabin Friday and we left our ”mountain house”. It was sad, but it was time to come back home, another little boy and his family were about to have their turn!

When we returned Friday night the special project was finished!!! We now have a new storage building, everything moved out of our garage and the garage is gutted and ready to transform into our new therapy/school room!!! Wow! It was amazing! This is something we have wanted to do for a long time and thanks to Mr. Joe and his helpers from Rescom and of course, all of Tims planning and work, its now happening! Hurray!!!! We are very excited about having some more room!  Praise God for His provision!
  Samuel has also been doing good!  He was able to sleep most of the way home from NC, so that helped his naseau. He was also able to go to church yesterday, which is wonderful.  He did get very sick when we got in the car after church and last night, but today he is smily and good so far. :-)  he even picked a flower for me today. <3

  Today my girls are going to summer camp for the week and they are so excited so we have been unpacking and repacking! Micah also had bike day at school so we have been crazy busy, probably like everyone else wrapping up school, etc.!  
P.s. Micah is loving legos and he and his friend at school named their lego design a ”blay blay” the picture is that.?!   He is so funny! He is always making us laugh!

Thankful that my children are making happy memories!


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Melly said...

Sweet. Bike day was fun too! What a blessing to have that wonderful storage building. It is so big and organized!