Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today Samuel went back to see his pulmonologist (lung doctor) to get a check up because we are planning to take him to our favorite place (or as the kids call it ”our mountain house”... Camp New Hope, next week! This is a wonderful place where we can just spend time together and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.  It has been a huge blessing to many families that have a child with a life threatening illness. And its all for free. They have a blog so you can keep up with the family who is there that week,

The doctor said to, of course go. We are taking a stock of medicines and back ups and pray the mountain air will be good for us all. We did get some good news today: Samuel gained a pound!!! This is good news since he had lost over a pound recently. It is very difficult to add extra formula since his gi tract is so sensitive and because of his constant jerky movement. Of course, since he has been so tired and puny lately he has not been wiggly.  The bad news is, he was moaning and had a little fever, even with Advil. The doctor said these were also issues (strange fevers and pain that is constant) that come along with the progression of things. It was difficult to watch him today. I am thankful Mama had her Kindle and turned on Spongebob for him. He calmed down quickly with the distraction.  Speaking of Spongebob...I feel I must explain! He was banned in our house...senseless, etc.  But my sister Melody came over one day and  we really needed a Samuel smile. She suggested we turn on Spongebob. She said, his bff, Knox loves it and it brings him lots of laughs. So I said we can try. Within minutes Samuel was not only smiling, but doing his little giggle (which is very rare)! So, I said he could watch Spongebob whenever he wanted! So today, I am again thankful for Spongebob and the destraction and joy he brings my little boy. 

Also, I am thankful to have been able to watch Micah enjoy his field day at preschool! My girls even got in on the fun!


Alisa said...

I have a new appreciation for Sponge Bob:)

Mary Elisabeth said...

Don't know why the pictures did that... the one of Samuel was at Camp New Hope last year with his Spongebob shirt on. :-)

Melly said...

Love the pictures of our class! Yeah we all hated that little sponge until Samuel watched it, now we love him!