Thursday, May 3, 2012


Samuel had a rough night last night, so today he was puny and tired again, but he had some visitors that he was looking forward to. First, his almost 2 year old cousin came by. Tucker is full of life and expression! He is so sweet to Samuel. He always goes to him and lays his head on him and says ”Namel” it. He played with one of Samuels favorite toys and then put his hand over Samuels to help him play. I was amazed! Precious is all I can say. Thankful for the joy and laughter Tucker brings us all.

Next his best friend came over. Knox. The sweetest best buddy in the world. Knox and Samuel were buddies since before they were born. They are only 1 month apart. They each have 2 big sisters and a little brother, so they have alot in common. They also, have a special connection. I have never know a little boy as patient and kind as Knox. He sat beside Samuel today and helped him play several toys and read to him his journal.Then after about 30 min. (which is a long time) he asked Samuel if he wanted to go outside with their siblings. Samuel turned his head”yes” very clearly...which was exciting to all of us since Samuel had been barely awake all day. So, the 2 of them (with mamas in tow) went outside for a few minutes to watch the silly siblings.  Before Knox left he gave Samuel his special Buzz Lightyear toy. The rest of the afternoon Samuel either looked at it or held it. He even grinned a minute before bed while holding it tight in his hand. I have not seen him smile in days. Thankful for Knox and the special friendship they have, even without a word.


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Very sweet. Those are two fine young men. God is using both of them!