Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The New River

Last night was rough for Samuel, so this morning he was not well. The sun was finally out and it was a perfect day outside! After Tim made us breakfast and we did all Samuels treatments and medicine and everything we were not sure what to do. He was miserable. We decided to try his naseau medicine and see how he would do outside. After sitting on the porch we moved to trails. He seemed to perk up, do we thought we would try floating down the rover (without getting wet).  He enjoyed it so much! All of the kids, Tim and I had a great time going down the New River! Its my favorite thing to do at CNH! So relaxing and fun. We went down a few times and by the 3rd Tim and the kids were wet from their water fight!  We finally rested by the river and Tim pulled Samuel in his boat back and forth with the rope for a while. 
A photographer called and wanted to come and take some pictures if our family tonight and I am really excited about having some special pictures of our family here.

After thinking this would be a bad day for Samuel he ended up having a great day. He did get sick a few times, but I am thankful for the sweet time we all had today!

I was reminded and encouraged greatly by this post I am adding atty the bottom.  If you know any ”special mothers” especially those with a child who cannot speak with words or control their movements, this is a precious message for them! It makes me cry with joy and encouragement!


Alisa said...

It is so BEAUTIFUL there...makes me so happy for Samuel and you all! I will pray that he has a good night and enjoys the day tomorrow. Love u!

Melly said...

Glad he perked up! I know he loves the river! I hope the pictures turned out well. Thank you for sharing the link.