Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What do I say?

Have you ever been out and about and look over and see someone in a wheelchair or with a disability and not know what to do or say? I have. I look over and want so badly to talk and encourage them, but don't want to make them uncomfortable.  I even, felt that way when I had my own special child!  So I want to encourage you from my family and what we have learned over time.
When Samuel was little and very adorable people sometimes would seem to stare and I told my mother, who was with me, its because he is so cute. After awhile I seemed to forget and some were rude with their stares...and mama quickly reminded me what I had said years before.   It is always so precious when someone stops and looks at Samuel and talks to him, knowing that he is a person and loves attention. We have been places where he is ignored, and as his mommy I feel sad and a little angry.  How could they ignore this precious child that is looking with the sweetest eyes ever? And then the next person says hello to him, gives him a smile and says they worked at special olympics or they have a friend or some type of story of their experience with a special needs child or family. What a difference! So if you see a child or adult with a disability a smile is nice, a friendly word and even a compliment to that person could encourage then for a long time.
Colossians 3:12
”So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience”.

We are blessed to be surrounded by loving people in our family and church and community! At church people come over to Samuel, get on his level and say hey to him and ask him how he is. They know he can't tell them with words, but he can with his expression...if you listen, you may be blessed in a different way. Our pastor always finds Samuel and wants him to give him a high 5. Samuel used to be pretty good at giving 5, but now he is too tired or can't control his movements.  So we hold his hand and help him and he loves it. We are so blessed to be surrounded with people who love Samuel! 
Samuel has changed recently and it is hard to see him with little or no energy. It is hard to watch him gag and struggle to breath for a moment. It is hard to watch him throw up and know that there is probably no end to this for our precious boy. When our kids are sick we do everything we can to help them get better. It is so strange as parents to know you are doing everything you can to help your child and they will not feel better.  Our neighbor stopped by today to see us and bring a gift. She shared with me how each morning she wakes up and prays. She goes through each member of our familyand lifts us up, praying specifically.  Also, last night Tim and I were so blessed to catch up with so many people who we love. We were abundantly blessed by so many! Their words of encouragement and love were so dear! Our family is so encouraged by so many praying and telling us! Thank you for praying for Samuel and our family and for the continued encouragement we are receiving daily.

I wanted to share with you Annaleigh's ”Bill” she wrote for Teenpact (a government class)
” All people should be friendly and always smile at a special needs child.
Purpose: to give special needs children encouragement and support, especially since they face so many trials and obstacles in their lives.”

I am so thankful for the heart my children have because of their brother.


Alisa said...

You looked so beautiful in your blue dress last night! Love u girl!

Linda Gail Newberry said...

Mary Elisabeth We have enjoyed seeing all of you when we come by in Feb visiting your Grandma, and also seeing Samuel. Believe all of us wish and pray that he could be playing ball, running, playing tricks on people, etc. (things boys do and girls). We constantly pray for all of you and know Jesus is watching over you although at times I know it is hard if not impossible to understand when you see those eyes wanting to take off running and doing all the things everyone else does. Your family has done great with all this. Just continue to put all trust in Jesus as you have been. You know the song "All Is Well With My Soul" There is a little boy who almost died and is a minister's son who said he went to Heaven and saw Jesus and sat on His lap and saw his grandpa and his sister whom he did not have as his mom had lost a child but parents never told the little boy and parents knew he really went There. Love you all