Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mr. Ernie's

Today (Thursday) we woke up to another beautiful day! Samuel was doing ok so we floated down the river again. After lunch we were excites to go to Mr. Ernie's farm. Each week he invites the family staying at CNH to visit and take a hayride, see the horses and sometimes ride a horse. Last time we went, his horses were in a different field so the kids couldn't ride, so this time they were looking forward to hopefully riding.   After a long and fun ” hayride” (where Micah took a little nap) the girls were able to brush the horse. They really wanted to ride, but were nervous to ask. Micah walked right up to Mr.Ernie s cousin and said, ” Can I ride em?” He said sure and so they rode...bareback! Samuel was content to sit and watch, but he loved feeding and petting the horse. It was another special day here and we are sad to leave tomorrow.  Here is a link from the camp so you can see Samuel featured!

Thankful for giving hearts today and people who love special needs families. God has truly blessed this place and the families who need it.

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Melly said...

So cool to have been able to ride bareback! Mr. Ernie's is always so wonderful!